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JOSEPH J.SCHILLECI photo1At the Workers’ Compensation Injury Law Center, LLC Attorney Joseph Schilleci’s work and his practice is dedicated to the hard working individuals of the State of Louisiana that have suffered an on the job injury. It is what we do every day. People work to provide a comfortable standard of living and a better future for ourselves and our children, but what if that ability to work is taken away by an injury on the job? Everything you have worked so hard for can be taken away from you and your family in that one instant.

For many people such injuries can have devastating consequences regarding their ability to work, severe loss of income and financial difficulties, pain and overall well-being and difficulty obtaining medical treatment. This invariably leads to problems at home. While the Louisiana Workers Compensation system is supposed to provide for certain benefits to an injured employee we have learned firsthand that the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation system quite often does not work the way it is supposed to work.

A big reason for this is the army of paid professionals that an employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company have on its side. They include the insurance adjusters, case managers, defense attorneys, vocational counselors, employer doctors, nurse case managers and investigators. They are all paid by the insurance company and they most definitely are not paid to protect your rights. They are paid to minimize the insurance companies exposure and to limit or eliminate your rights as much as they possibly can. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THEM ALONE. At the Workers’ Compensation Injury Law Center Attorney Joseph Schilleci has been practicing workers’ compensation law for 14 years on both the plaintiff and defense side and knows how the system works. Mr Schilleci’s workers compensation practice consists only of representing injured workers against their employers and the insurance companies.

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